APC Paints.. Your Optimal Choice

Arab Co. for Paints Products (also known as: APC Paints) is a private company operating within the materials sector focusing on commodity chemicals. APC is based in Nablus,Palestine and was established on January 1989.

Arab Co. for Paints Products is a Public Shareholding Company owned by 300 shareholders and managed by a Board of Directors consisting of five members chaired by Palestinian businessman Mr. Michael Sayegh.

APC Paints is proud for accomplishing thousands of Palestinian buildings and for being considered by hundreds of Palestinian national organizations as the alternative for the foreign products in the Palestinian market. APC Paints produces more than 100 of high quality products, to give the opportunity to all customers to choose from its different package and with different colors, the company production capacity reaches to 450 tons per month.

APC Paints provides top quality production standards, it has a technical cooperation agreements with the Global National Paints company and the French PIC Group company. APC Paints obtained the Israeli Taken tests, the Royal Scientific Association tests and the Palestinian Standards Certificate.

The company also do self examination for its products by using the British Sheen latest devices for all necessary physical and chemical testing to ensure the products quality and how much it matches the standards and its sustainability through the various weather factors.

Our vision ..

To be our products the alternative choice for the Israeli & foreign product.

Our mission ..

Offer a high quality products and gain the satisfaction of our customers and development of our employees staff, the company commitment of all Palestine Exchange Commission and the Palestine Capital Market Authority and the governance instructions.

Our Values ​​..

The company is committed to its pledge to be environmentally friendly. The company assist establishing national industry the way to independent national economy.

Our Goals:

- Maintain the quality of our products

- To achieve the desires of our customers

- Improve and develop the quality management system and operational performance at our factory

- Increase employee satisfaction in the group

- Raise the efficiency of our staff in different locations

- Preservation of the environment

- Reduce the cost of various operations

- The creation and development of new products

- Increase our sales in domestic and overseas markets

- Enter new markets

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